Bridging the Digital Gap with The National Archives and Gloucestershire Archives

2021 - 2022

Bridging the Digital Gap is a program run by The National Archives, in conjunction with host institutions in the UK, to bring more digital skillsets into the archive sector.

My name is Natasha Young and I am a Digital Archive Trainee based at the Gloucestershire Archives. I will be documenting my progress through the program (January 2020 – March 2021), showcasing what I have both learned in terms of traditional archival skills, alongside the digital and design experience I have brought to the program.


Glos archives




Blog link for my bridging the gap blog for GA

Cotswold Roundabout

My work on the cotswold roundabout 



The National Archives training

Info about training modules / talks / learnings


Basic archiving skills workshop



Novice to know-how course 

Core archiving skills training


-perl & strawberry perl


Accessioning & cataloging - CALM




Secondary search materials


BtDG tools sessions

Gloucestershire Archives website review

Info about the review


content audit & new structure proposal work



Workshops & live film sessions

My work with the Victorian experience


The lost schools walk bits


Teaching about film editing